Style Highlights

Taking Your Dresses Into Winter
Tracey and Emma explore their favourite winter partnerships and reveal new ways to wear your dresses for the winter months.
Decoding Jackets
L&F jacket styles explained.
Decoding Tops
Do you know the fit and features of our best-selling top styles? Find out with the Style Squad now!
Reviewed By You
Find out what our customers really think of L&F's top-sellers!
Explore Slinky-Base Jersey with Danielle
Dive in and discover the silky soft feel of our Slinky-Base Jersey. Join Danielle as she shows you some of her favourite lightweight slip-on styles.
Romantic Dressing Edit with Tracey, Hayley and Jackie
Feeling inspired to add more romance to your wardrobe? Join the L&F Style Squad as they showcase romantic dressing for all occasions.