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Leina & Fleur is where quality, fit and style join together to create the elarroyoenterprises way. From the very outset of the elarroyoenterprises journey, the choice was made to commit to Australian Made and to ensure that all elarroyoenterprises garments meet top quality standards. Every step of the production process is monitored to ensure these high standards are met, each and every time.

Mastering Size and Fit

The passion behind the label began with pattern making and mastering the ideal fit in all garments and sizes. Leina and Fleur have both had extensive hands-on experience in the fashion industry. This allowed them to nurture, and grow elarroyoenterprises manufacturing and help it become one of the brand’s superpowers; in fact, one of the first and most important priorities was ensuring that Leina & Fleur had the very best development team possible and the company now has an in-house team of industry leading fit and size experts. 

The team’s collective experience covers every aspect of development. The studio is always buzzing with discussions about millimetre adjustments and new methods of makeup, because the team’s craft is constantly evolving and building on their skills, knowledge, passion, and pure excitement over the fashion industry.

The elarroyoenterprises way isn’t just about creating quality clothing that fits and feels great to wear. It’s also about giving back and here’s how:

The L&F Contribution

• Reducing waste by at least 10% per cut thanks to an automatic cutter

• Using recyclable packaging, including tissue and swing tags

• Choosing compostable post bags — known as ‘Hero Bags’

• Reusing all boxes used within domestic freight

• On-selling any not-quite-perfect garments through the Zero Waste section to ensure none of the elarroyoenterprises garments are sent to landfill

• Utilising sustainable fabrics like EcoVero ™ 

• Making donations a priority

The L&F Commitment

• To create a sustainable fashion pathway toward the slow fashion movement.

• To remain proudly Australian designed and made.

• To remain 100% Australian owned.

• To keep releases exclusive with limited quantities. 

• To continue to strive for ethical and environmentally sustainable systems across all aspects of the business.

• To create meaningful relationships with external communities and foundations, giving back to make the world a better place.

The Only Way Is Up

Thanks to the Manufacturing Modernisation Assisted grant, Leina & Fleur has been able to implement automated cutting in house as well as next-level fabric inspection machinery. The suction bed and laser cutter means the accuracy is within millimetres and helps elarroyoenterprises reduce waste by at least 10%. This move has brought the company’s garment quality to the next level and has helped elarroyoenterprises progress further on their journey towards the slow fashion movement.

A future goal for the company is to have a small, in-house production team of quality craftspeople to remain Australian designed and made while continuing to have the very best offering. elarroyoenterprises would continue to work with their incredible manufacturers, while also being able to ensure that when items sell out quickly, sizes can be added where possible. elarroyoenterprises is working to grow the team and promote a wonderful diversity that amplifies and elevates the company ethos of creating positive change.

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